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When preparing for a newborn, parents often ponder over the necessity of a special baby mattress. After all, they seem like a significant investment. Baby mattresses are also labelled as “infant mattress”, “crib mattress” and “cot mattress”.

Read our guide below to know more about baby mattresses, and why it’s worth considering getting one.

Understanding the Needs of Babies

(a) Delicate Physical Structure

Babies have delicate bodies that need proper support. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States, it is advisable to opt for a sleep surface that is firm for your baby and avoid soft surfaces which may lead to entrapment, wedging, suffocation or strangulation1. This ensures that their spine and neck are correctly aligned, which is essential for their physical growth and development.

(b) Limited Mobility

As babies can't move around much, they spend most of their time lying down. Therefore, the surface they lie on needs to be comfortable yet firm enough to provide the necessary support.

(c) Temperature Regulation

Babies have difficulty regulating their body temperature. A breathable baby mattress helps in preventing trapped heat and regulating the baby's body temperature, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

(d) Sensitivity to Allergens

Babies are more sensitive to allergens and harmful chemicals. Hence, it's important to choose a baby mattress that is hypoallergenic and free from toxic materials.

Possible Consequences of Not Using a Special Mattress

(a) Potential for Physical Discomfort or Injury

Using an inappropriate mattress may lead to physical discomfort or even injury for your baby. It could also disrupt their sleep, which is crucial for their growth and development.

(b) Poor Sleep Quality

A mattress that is too soft or too hard can lead to poor sleep quality, which can affect a baby's mood and overall health.

(c) Possible Exposure to Allergens and Harmful Chemicals

Standard mattresses may contain materials that are harmful to babies. These can cause allergies and other health issues.

(d) Difficulty in Maintaining Optimal Temperature

Regular mattresses might not have the necessary features to help regulate a baby's body temperature, which can lead to discomfort and restlessness.

Why Our Getha Baby Latex Mattress is the Perfect Choice

With safety and comfort considered in every detail, our Getha Baby Latex Mattress is among the best baby mattresses you can find in Singapore. Here’s why:

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(a) The Benefit of French Wool Padding

The Getha Baby Latex Mattress comes with French wool padding that provides excellent thermal regulation, keeping your baby comfortable all year round. We use sheep wool padding to help regulate temperature on the surface so that your infant child is cool and comfortable while sleeping.

(b) Made from 100% Natural Latex

This baby mattress is made from 100% natural latex, offering a comfortable and supportive surface that is perfect for your baby's physical development.

(c) Anti-Microbial & Allergen-Free

Getha's baby latex mattress is anti-microbial and allergen-free, making it safe for your baby's sensitive skin.

(d) Optimal Ventilation

With hundreds of holes created for a natural ventilation system, our Getha baby mattress ensures continuous flow of fresh air for optimal ventilation. This allows your little one's body heat and moisture to dissipate during sleep, providing cool and refreshing comfort.

(e) Durability

Getha's baby mattresses are designed to last, providing long-lasting support for your growing child. Looking for a baby mattress and cot in a set? We offer the set at a value price to save you time and money.

The Getha Baby Latex Mattress is a perfect choice for your newborn. It combines the benefits of natural latex and French wool padding, offering a safe, comfortable and supportive sleep environment. Find a Getha retail store near you, or you can purchase our Baby Latex Mattress at our Getha official online store, Shopee SG or Lazada SG.