How to choose the perfect Christmas gift?

It is that time of the year, when we start looking around for the perfect Christmas gift for our friends and family. We’ve all been there, the holiday season sneaks up on us unexpectedly, and the next thing we know, we are only 1 week away from Christmas!

Every year, we scratch our heads for days, trying to think of something special and choosing the best Christmas gift!

In this article, you’ll find some tips that will hopefully help you with your decision making to get a personalized Christmas present, be it for your friends,  family members or your colleagues.

Make a list and Start Brainstorming

Christmas Gift Exchange is a popular tradition at workplaces. With a given budget and a name of the colleague you are supposed to buy the gift for, you still find yourself scratching your head!

Try making a list of the person that you are buying the gift for – What is his hobby? What is his interest? Does he like to travel? Does he like sports?

Once you have a list of their interests and preferences, you might be able to scale down some gift ideas for your colleague.

The Secret Wish

Sometimes, a secret is not always a secret!  The best case when you already know what to buy, because she/he made a hint about it. Always listen carefully to your partner before the Holidays (and every time!) Each time you hear a hint, make a note and write it down somewhere.

If your mom hinted about how dry her hands are, it is time to get her a pampering gift set that has the full set of hand cream and moisturizer.

If your dad has mentioned his constant back pain because his mattress is too soft, start shopping for a new firm bed.

Your partner’s hiking shoes are all old and torn, get him a new pair of shoes. So that each time he goes hiking, it will remind him of you.

Create a Handmade Gift

We all agree that giving a unique and personalized Christmas gift adds that special touch. It would be nice to handmade a gift for your loved ones, it could be a picture collage, a hand knitted scarf or even a handmade card! It may be more time consuming and doesn’t look as classy as a gift set, but it will leave a lasting impression! Whatever it is, remember that gifts are not valued for how expensive they are, but for how well-thought they are!

Give an Experience

Not all Christmas presents need to come in a gift wrapped box, and to be displayed on the shelf or in the kitchen cupboard. Think out of the box and give the gift of an experience! You know the person, so free your mind and find the perfect experience. 

Your sister with four kids and a full time job, could use a pampering treatment at the Spa. 

Your husband will love a ticket to the World Cup Finals. 

And your teenager son would say I Love you Mom, a hundred times if you got him those front row tickets at his favorite concert. 

So start thinking outside the box, and buy those tickets already! 


Christmas is the season for giving, and appreciation. Why not shop for gifts that are beautiful, useful and as they are charitable, by buying products from brands that give back to a good cause. By doing so, you are supporting a good cause and their fundings. Also, you could support a child at the UN, by making a donation in the name of your friend. This way, it makes 2 good souls! 

Donating presents to orphanages is an awesome deed too, as you will put a smile on the many faces of the children at the home. 

Hopefully by now, you would have had some new ideas on getting the perfect Christmas gift.

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