We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping on a mattress hence it is vital to choose a good mattress that support our body. Most people focus on the benefits of a mattress but tend to ignore the side effects of a bad mattress. It is important to assess whether is your mattress benefiting or harming your health.

One thing that has disappeared for many people is their quality of sleep. There are many factors that can cause the loss in sleep quality. However, many of us do not know that our sleep problems can arise from the type of mattress that we are sleeping on.

How safe is your mattress?

The type of mattress we sleep on have a direct impact on our sleep quality as we rest on the mattress for up to 7 hours a day on average. This means we spend an average of 1/3 of our life resting on the mattress, which makes it important to ask “How safe is the mattress that we are sleeping on?” Research points that sleeping on metal-based mattress, commonly known as spring mattress, shows strong links of human body exposure to Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF). Long period of human body exposure to EMF can be dangerous to our health and become a threat to our immune system, causing many health problems such as headaches, stress, fatigue, sleep disorder, or could even lead to mutations of our cells which is commonly referred as cancer.

What is Electro-Magnetic Field?

In this new age, we live in a modern wireless radiation society where the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Electronic device is a common sight in the household. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), EMF are present everywhere in the environment but are invisible to the human eyes. EMF covers a wide spectrum from relatively harmless frequencies to extremely harmful frequencies. Within a household, the EMF exposure comes from power sockets, electronic devices and gadgets such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, television, microwaves, etc.

What is the link between EMF and Sleep?

Sleep is a biological process to regenerate the body after a long day of activity. EMF is present in the bedroom and the highest EMF frequency commonly found in the bedroom are hand phone, tablet, laptop or television. When a person is awake, our body has built an immune system as self-defence from the EMF. However, when we are asleep, we are vulnerable to the EMF. During our sleep, the continuous EMF radiation interrupt the human DNA regeneration capacity. This interruption affects the quality of our sleep, which in turn could lead to different health problems. Although the EMF within the household tend to be low in frequency, long period of exposure especially during our sleep when the human body immune system is the most vulnerable should not be a matter taken lightly.

How is Spring Mattress related to EMF and Sleep?

Spring Mattress are made up from metal components and are undesirable in a wireless radiation society as it acts like an antenna system that attracts a wide range of electro-magnetic energy flowing on it. The characteristic of metal components disturbs the natural magnetic field of the Earth and this is undesirable for the body regeneration process during our sleep. Furthermore, metal itself can be radioactive if it was contaminated during the mining process. It is certainly shocking to learn that EMF can be generated from your mattress, and in turn this is a form of radiation that harm our health. Imagine sleeping on a metal based Spring Mattress with EMF continuously flowing for 1/3 of your lifetime.

Choose a Metal Free Mattress

Apart from reducing the number of electronics and gadgets in the bedroom, you can choose metal free mattress to minimise exposure to EMF. Natural Latex Mattress is 100% Natural and 100% Metal free, furthermore, Natural Latex Mattress have a long list of benefits for sleep due to its pure and natural characteristics. Sleeping on a Natural Latex mattress replicates your sleeping environment as closely as possible to nature. Afterall, a good night sleep is priceless. Getha Latest Innovative Mattress, The COMPASS uses Biocare Technology to protect against EMF and the mattress ensures that you have a healthy and good night sleep. For more information, visit our Getha Sleep Therapy Centre and have our professional consultant guide you to choosing the right mattress.