Are you the victim of sleeping difficulty? Unquiet mind can be major obstacle to slumber as racing thoughts at bedtime contribute to sleep problems. Then, the reason why many people can’t stop thinking about things before going to bed is because your brain receives and possesses many information all day long. Furthermore, all the information also includes your worries.

Anxious thoughts can keep you awake, also some stress that you are feeling and going on in life. So, how can you release stress in order to secure quality sleep? Here are some strategies to help you quiet your restless mind and fall asleep peacefully.

Tips To Quiet Your Mind For Peaceful Sleep

Do something to relax until you feel tired. For instance, take a warm bath, sit in a comfy chair, lie down in a comfortable sofa or bed and listen to soft, calming music. After that, you will spend less time in bed but more time asleep.  

Put off stressful subjects like your work, family and the rest. It is certain that you can take care of them well the following day. Moreover, turn off scary or action-filled TV and movies, even the news. Besides that, log out of social media too. This is because it does not matter whether you are engaging in it, or just watch or read it with the heated passion or addiction, your mind tends to become more active which cause you harder to relax and sleep later.  

Make a to-do list. You can list out the tasks that need to be completed the next day and organize them well so that you can calm and ease your mind better. It also helps you to control and relax your stressful thoughts, enabling you to fall asleep easier. Thus, let go all of the mental load by putting them down on the list! It just takes 5 minutes before bed to complete it.

Fully relax your muscles. Relax tension from your body can help you release stress and let go of the stressful thoughts too! For example, massaging your body can eventually give you feel relax, remove all your stress and anxiety hence, improving your sleep quality. 

The Endless Benefits Of Massage:

  • Slower heart rate and breathing pattern 
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Destressing and relaxing every day before bed
  • Protect heart health, lower risk of heart attack
  • Prevent depression
  • Increase blood circulation, etc.
  • In conclusion, massage can improve health and promote better sleep!

Make your bedroom environment a no-screen zone. The computer, TV, phone, tablet, electronic devices and other screens can cause you to have trouble sleeping. They give off blue light that signals your body to stop producing melatonin, which is the hormone that makes you sleepy. On the other hand, the blue light tells your brain to stay alert. Next, not to mention the late-night sounds and buzzes that can affect your peaceful slumber as well as the engagement or scrolling through them that had mentioned in the above.    

Meditate. Learn to calm your mind on demand so you can fall asleep easier. It may be slightly difficult to find a point to focus in the beginning when you are new to meditation practice. However, you can focus on the sound of your breath or any simple phrase that you can repeat in your head. Later on, you will have a successful mediation.  

Do not lie awake in bed. When you could not fall asleep and worry about it, get up from bed. Go back to the activity that can make you relax as mentioned in the above. For instance, journaling, reading, mediation, listening to music, etc. After that when you are starting to feel sleepy, you can go back to bed again. Engaging in relaxing activity outside of bed helps to rewire your brain to be positive and release the negativity. This is also how you can reduce and manage the stress for better sleeping.

Focus on your 5 senses, which are the sight, smell, hear, taste and touch. To help you relax better and release your stress to prepare into a good night’s sleep, you can create sleep routine and environment that can calm your brain and body. Furthermore, the best sleep routine and environment that referred in the above include:

  • Dim light
  • Eye mask
  • Aromatherapy (essential oil)
  • Earplug
  • Anti-snore ring
  • Warm drink like the chamomile tea
  • Comfortable sleep temperature
  • And the closest things to you when you sleep, your mattress and pillow!

So, make sure you make your bedroom a sleep haven. It is really significant and useful to reserve your bedroom a relaxing space and release your stress for a good night’s sleep. Lastly, do not ever forget the importance of getting quality sleep and rest!


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