Choosing the best bed linen can be tricky, especially with the misconception of “the higher the thread count, the better”. The truth is, tread counts are not always reliable. High thread count is a factor, but the type of fabric and the fabric quality is more significant. In fact, there’s no reason to pay extra for sheets with a thread count of over 500. Instead, it is more worthwhile to spend a little more on covers made from the best fabric materials for a better, softer and more comfortable touch.

Leading 100% Natural Latex bedding brand Getha recently launched their new line of Tencel Nano Silver bedding covers. Getha is a product innovation pioneer in the industry, having introduced numerous technologies in the past with a goal to enhance quality sleep. The Anti-Static protection technology that was introduced over a decade ago, followed by Nano Silver anti-bacterial protection, Biocare anti electro-magnetic field protection and now Getha is showcasing the wonders of 100% natural Tencel fabric embedded with Nano Silver Protection.


Tencel fabric is made from pulp fibres that derived from sustainable wood sources of natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. This environmentally friendly fabric is also processed in a “closed loop system” where solvents are recovered and recycled for minimum waste and low emission. The famous term “Deep Sleep” is the most important type of sleep that one should achieve. By understanding the sleep cycle, you will have a better gauge at how to arrive at Deep Sleep, and stay at Deep Sleep as long as possible.

The composition of extremely small hydrophilic nano fibres gives Tencel Nano Silver a unique moisture absorption ability which makes it more breathable, softer and stronger. Compared with other materials such as cotton, the cellulose fibres of Tencel Nano Silver absorbs moisture more efficiently to assist in the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, keeping the skin pleasantly cool, dry and comfortable throughout the night.

The naturally breathable and hygienic qualities of Tencel Nano Silver makes it soft to touch and tension-free with no electrostatic charge. The built up of excessive positive static charges are often the culprit of our fatigue.


Tencel Nano Silver is also an excellent choice for individuals with hypersensitivity, allergies or delicate skin as not only is there less available moisture formed on the surface of the fabric for bacteria to grow, the embedded Nano Silver sterilizes and sanitizes the surface by continuously killing germs. Nano Silver’s ability to eliminate micro bacterial cells prove to be more effective than conventional germ removal methods. It is a popular choice for all age groups and highly recommended for families with infants as the clean – bacteria free surface encourages a healthy sleep environment.

The natural fibres of Tencel brings the exquisite essence of nature into your home to create a sanctuary of long-lasting comfort. Known to be softer than cotton, Tencel’s silky hand-feel and natural sheen is attributed to the fibre’s sleek cross section weaving that glides gently to envelop the body and enhance quality of sleep. This not only feels good, but also makes it non-irritating even to sensitive skin and without the scratchy and rustle noises when toss and turn in bed. Tencel is known to be a long-lasting material that is less wrinkly than cotton and fairly easy to care for; it washes well and is less likely to shrink or thin over time.