Setting resolutions is a popular practice when welcoming the New Year, and these resolutions generally fall into a few predictable goals such as eating healthier, exercising more frequently, getting more organised and sleeping better. While counting calories and workout plans with a busy schedule may require an extra effort, everyone goes to bed at some point! What better way to accomplish your New Year resolution to sleep better than with a comfortable and supportive bed!

Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year, or CNY is one Asia’s biggest holidays. Though each country celebrates it with some unique variations, common festive practices are celebrated worldwide including reunion dinners, the giving of red packets (Hokkien: Ang Pow), visiting friends and families (Mandarin: 拜年bai nian), decorating homes and businesses with fai chun (Cantonese: 揮春), wearing new clothes, indulging in cookies and snack, and of course spring cleaning!
Dust and dirt are associated with "old" in Chinese culture, so cleaning and sweeping the dust out of the house represent a bid farewell to the old year and bad luck, and buying new items such as houseware and furniture symbolizes a fresh new beginning.

A new mattress for the New Year will not only usher a new start to the year, it will also bring you wellness benefits that will upgrade your lifestyle. Here are some perks you’ll enjoy with a new mattress while celebrating the Year of the Ox.

Reduces Pain

batter mattress reduce pain

If you wake up every day with aches and pains, it is time to replace a new mattress. Having a supportive mattress makes all the difference to your day. You want to look for a mattress that can support the natural curves and pressure points of your body and 100% natural latex mattresses are perfectly resilient for the job. You’ll need the extra support while your body rests during the night, especially if you’ve been busy in the kitchen preparing for family reunion meals!

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Better Focus

You want to stay alert and focused, especially during a friendly game of Mahjong! Getting a good night’s sleep allows your brain and cells to recover and regenerate, this helps with improving memory and concentration so you won’t be distracted easily and miss out on achieving your day’s maximum potential.

Reduce Stress

After a long day of socialising with in-laws and chasing the kids around, you look forward to settling into bed and tucking away the stress. This can be difficult to do on an old and uncomfortable mattress, not to mention your night time tossing and turning may even cause more stress on you and your partner. A nice new plush mattress can relax you into deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep after a long day.

Weight Loss

Chinese New Year is known for diets to go out the window. If you are watching your figure, there’s still hope! A new mattress can actually help you lose weight. Studies show that poor sleep can dramatically affect the way your body response to food. When you are not getting adequate sleep, you tend to eat more than you should because your body lacks leptin, a hormone that signals to your brain when you have eaten enough. When you don’t have a good night’s sleep, you will also tend to overindulge and succumb to cravings, not to mention poor sleep affects your metabolic rate negatively. A new mattress is a great way to improve your sleep and promote healthier eating habits, but don’t forget to practice mindful snacking, after all, a single pineapple tart can be 90 calories!

Comfortable Virtual Gathering

The world has found new and innovative ways to adapt to COVID-19, and who said virtual gatherings are only reserve for the living and dining area? Get comfortable on your new mattress and connect with friends and family online to catch up on the latest happenings. From video chat loved ones from different time zones from the cosiness of your sleep sanctuary!


100% Natural Latex

Mattresses, pillows and cushions made of 100% natural latex has the benefits of ultimate support and comfort to promote the best quality sleep for you.

Free of electromagnetic radiation, sleep soundly knowing that you’re safe and dust mite free on 100% natural latex mattresses.

Maximise your Chinese New Year with 100% Natural Latex Benefits:
• No off-gassing
• Durable
• Comfortable
• Supportive
• Biodegradable
• All natural
• EMF free
• Breathable
• Motion control
• Anti-dust mite
• Hypoallergenic


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Your bed is the star of your sleep sanctuary, it is where you retreat in the evening for the body to rest and regenerate for a fresh day ahead. Although the mattress plays a key role in in helping you get deep sleep, don’t forget the bedframe, pillow and bedding plays an important role too!

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