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Transforme Latex Pillow


The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Transformé Pillow is a transformative pillow catered to different sleeping styles, especially recommended for individuals who prefer medium-firm and larger pillows. Featuring the latest advancement in sleep technology, the pillow is equipped with antibacterial Nano Silver protection and Anti-Static tension relief protection that promotes better sleep in a clean and healthy sleeping environment. The Nano Silver Protection eliminates germs and bacterias continuously while the Anti-static Protection disperses positive ions from the body to minimise body tension and helps to fall asleep faster. The Transformé Latex Pillow provides unparalleled support for proper spinal alignment to reduces pressure on the neck and shoulder while sleeping, lessening back and neck strains that hinder a good night sleep.

Size : 65 x 38cm

Thickness : 15cm

Features of Transformé Latex Pillow:

  • Recommended for different sleeping styles
  • Medium firm and larger size
  • Silver nanoparticles with continuous protection against germs, bacteria and fungi
  • Anti-static protection disperses unwanted positive ions from the body for tension relief and falling asleep faster
  • Promotes proper spinal alignment for a good rest
  • Reduces pressure on neck and shoulder to lessen back and neck strains
  • Self-ventilating to regulate body heat and moisture during sleep
  • Made for lasting use
  • Natural dust mite, allergen, bacteria and fungal resistance
  • Free of harmful chemical and environmentally friendly
  • Made of Getha 100% natural latex

      Addition Information

      choose the right genetics latex pillow

      The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Genetics Pillow is wrapped with Anti-Static Protection and Nano Silver Fabric to ensure the release of tension and ultimate. This pillow is highly recommended for stress relief as the Anti-Static Protection (ASP) function releases static electricity in our body that help us to destress and fall asleep faster. Nano Silver Technology offers sleep protection by using the powerful silver property to eliminate bacteria, viral and fungal infestation.

      Features and Benefits of GETHA 100% Natural Latex:

      • Hundreds of holes create a natural ventilation system with air reservoir units which ensures continuous flow of fresh air. This allows the body heat and moisture to dissipate throughout your sleep, providing you with cool and refreshing comfort.
      • Durable and designed for supreme comfort, GETHA 100% Natural Latex products will not flatten, does not need fluffing up and retains its shape for years of lasting support.
      • Pre-washed during manufacturing process to ensure hygiene. GETHA 100% Natural Latex has natural antimicrobial properties that resist dust mites and other allergens, as well as being fungal resistant.
      • GETHA 100% Natural Latex is tested and approved against harmful substances in accordance to European ECO requirements. It is non- toxic, naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.
      • GETHA 100% Natural Latex naturally conforms to the curvature of the body, providing anatomical support for head, neck, shoulder and spine. The support softens pressure points and can dramatically reduce sleep disturbance.
      • Specially designed and moulded, GETHA 100% Natural Latex are tapped direct from earth’s natural resources – the rubber tree, and manufactured to exacting standards. It is environmental friendly and ecologically friendly
      • Kindly note that GETHA 100% Natural Latex products may need special care attention. To know more.

      Benefits of GETHA Genetics:

      • Anti – Static Protection
      • Nano Ag+ Technology
      • Anti – Bacterial, eliminates viruses and fungi
      • Anti – Dust mite
      • Embedded carbon yarn to release tension
      • Stretchable knit fabric to relief body pressure
      • Promotes and enhances deep sleep
      • Improves sleep quality

      L 59 x W 34 x H 13cm
      L 65 x W 38 x H 15cm

      Transforme Latex Pillow

      Transforme Latex Pillow

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