1. Clean the Clutter

Clean up and put away things that are unrelated to relaxing or romance. You can hide these items in a box or put them away into another room! Messy space creates stress and prevents you from relaxing.

2. Invest in your Bedding

Duvet and comforter gives a plush comfort feeling that relaxes your mood. Colours play an important role too! Get matching colours, create a new look and get creative to give positive vibes to your bedroom.

3. Rearrange your Bedroom

Even a slight move or change of furniture position add new life to your sacred haven so don’t be afraid to shake things up! Don’t forget to rotate and flip your mattress in the process to prevent uneven wear.

4. Throw in a Headboard

Make the most simple bed look lush and sleek with the addition of a Headboard. Upholster headboard is recommended to complement the soft nature of mattress and sleep.

5. Small Funky Design

The simple addition of funky designs on your bed skirts gives vibrant to the bedroom! Rickrack, trim borders or ribbon designs can be found online or your nearest bedding shop.

6. Rug does Wonders

Add a rug in front of you mattress to create a more pulled together look. This is especially effective if you have a non-carpet bedroom as the rug creates a soft touch to the surrounding.

7. Dress up the Dresser

Wallpapering or painting the front part of your dresser is an easy way to add new colour and design to your bedroom. Nothing speaks better than a fashionable piece of furniture!

8. Handle me

Replace old drawer handles and pulls with decorative ones. This low effort trick adds personality and style to inexpensive furniture.

9. Window Window

Curtains are important for a bedroom as it keeps the room dark during your sleep. Changing curtains can be costly so you can simply “Wow” your window with valance.

10. Night Lamps

This is a must have for every bedroom! A bedstand is never complete without Night Lamps. Choose a night lamp that is perfect for bedtime reading while keeping bedroom lighting subdued.

11. Go Fresh, Go Green!

Including fresh green plants into your bedroom bring it closer to nature. Green plants generates oxygen and remove toxins from the air, so go grab a houseplant and add into your bedroom.

12. Too many Pillows?

We all love our pillow(s) but they should not take up more than half of our bed. While Getha recommend more than 2 types of pillows for each sleeper so to suit the mood of the day, avoid crowding your bed with too many pillows.