The Bedroom is a place for us to relax and recuperate after a long day. Although we spend long hours in our bedroom each day, many of us neglect to consider the safety of our bedroom. Electromagnetic Radiation may be present in your bedroom and is very harmful to our body. Find out how to measure the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) in your bedroom and protect yourself.

Healthy Living is the latest trend where everyone place great interest and importance on eating healthy organic food, exercising regularly, relaxing the mind, sleep better, the list goes on. However many of us neglect to consider about the safety of our environment, especially the safety of our bedroom where we spend most of our time.

Safety first, Health follows

Our safety should be the primary concern before attempting to improve our health. Many people are unaware that the bedroom environment is surrounded by Electromagnetic field (EMF) that is harmful to our body. We spend 1/3 of our life in sleep, adding up to around 8 hours in our bedroom. Although the EMF level in the bedroom is considered relatively low, the exposure is prolonged and the EMF Radiation becomes very toxic to our body if exposed over a long period. In order to have a healthier life, we must first ensure that the environment we are in is safe.

EMF in your bedroom – Spring Mattress

Bedroom EMF is a serious concern as we spend long hours in our bedroom. EMF are most commonly found in electric and wireless devices. However, if your mattress happened to be a metal based mattress, more commonly known as Spring Mattress, you are exposed to relatively high level of EMF when resting on the mattress. The metal coil in the Spring Mattress acts as an Antenna System that collects wide range of Electromagnetic energy, which flows around inside the Spring Mattress. In a worse scenario, the metal itself that is used to make into Spring can be radioactive if it was contaminated during the mining and manufacturing process.

To learn more about what is EMF, refer to “Is your Mattress a Danger to your health”.

How to test for EMF

You can easily download an EMF Detection Application on any Smartphone or Tablet. Put your EMF Detector near any object that you suspect to generate EMF, and you can read the level of EMF that is produced. For testing purpose, we suggest to test on electronic devices such as computer, laptop, hair dryer, and refrigerator. This experiment will allow you to gauge the level of EMF produced by different electronic devices.

How to test the Safety of your mattress?

Using the same EMF Detector, you can hold it near your mattress to check if it is producing EMF. For non-metal based mattress, the EMF level should be non-existing or very low. However for Spring Mattresses, you will detect a relatively high level of EMF. It is hard to believe that a human body rest on a bed of EMF radiation.

Safety Tips for your Bedroom

To make your bedroom as safe as possible from EMF, you can avoid using electrical devices in the bedroom, such as TV and computer. The bedroom should be a place for rest, hence work and entertainment can be done in other area of the house. It is also a good habit to turn off all wireless devices such as Wifi before going to bed to prevent continuous flow of EMF radiation in the house. Most importantly, do not use a metal based mattress as it collects EMF radiation. Getha Biocare Compass Mattress is designed with non-metal materials, together with Biocare technology to protect you and your sleep from EMF radiation. The Getha Compass Mattress is also priced in accordance to enable as many people as possible to afford a mattress with Biocare technology.

We may not be able to entirely eliminate EMF in this modern society, nevertheless, understanding more of what is EMF and finding ways to protect ourselves from EMF is a good start of a safer, healthier life.