Getha is proud to introduce the first Radiation Protection COMPASS Biocare mattress series in Malaysia. This revolutionary Sleep Solution is targeted to promote wellness and quality of life through better quality sleep.

Non-ionized radiation is a threat to our sleep environment as it attacks and weakens our cells while we sleep. The Biocare Technology is exclusive to Getha and features Nano Technological Yarn fabric that acts as a magnetic barrier against EMF radiation. The Biocare Sleep System prevents electromagnetic energy flowing through the mattress and into our bodies and it is the first in Malaysia to provide a solution to the EMF threat. The GETHA COMPASS Biocare Mattress can also help reduce stress, static electricity in our body and help regulate our body’s bio-rhythm to promotes excellent sleep quality. To safeguard the highest level of hygiene, Biocare also has antibacterial features to prevent disease and odour caused by bacteria.

Getha COMPASS, leading you to better quality sleep. Find out more. Book an appointment!