A bolster pillow is basically a long shape pillow. It can be cushion filled with polyester, foam, cotton, synthetic blends, feathers, fiber, latex, etc. It can just come in variety of materials and sizes. Bolster pillow is highly versatile (flexible), provides values in several ways and can be a great addition to various rooms throughout the home.


Do you know that bolster pillows are originated in Southeast Asian countries? You are likely to find them in every home, they were designed to be hugged while sleeping to provide comfort and support, both physically and emotionally.


On the other hand, in North America, their primary use is for additional support while sleeping and also serving as décor in your bedroom or on your armchair in your living room too. Still, a bolster pillow has variety of uses and all of you, your family and your home can benefit from one.


Let us talk more about the benefits of using a bolster pillow!


List Of Why You Need A Bolster Pillow  

  • Side sleeper can place it between the leg
  • Promote better spine alignment
  • Use for physiotherapy
  • Supportive pillow for elevation
  • Relieve tension on back, neck, shoulder, etc
  • Aid in correcting body posture
  • Ideal for back problems
  • Provide increased comfort as a body pillow
  • Offer babies’ protection and comfort
  • As a decorative piece
  • As yoga prop!


    So, as mentioned, a bolster pillow is also a great alternative for yoga prop. After that, the following are factors you can consider when purchasing a bolster pillow.


    Considerations When Buying A Bolster Pillow


    Easy cleaning and maintenance. You need to wash a bolster pillow to maintain its longevity and functionality, other than merely the hygiene and health purposes. Therefore, the best is to get a bolster pillow that comes with the exterior or case that can be taken off and easily washed.


    Fits the home’s style theme. Bolster pillow is able to highlight the style of your room. Thus, take into account the color, pattern and size that either contrast or go along with your interior spaces for the great aesthetic pleasure.    


    Durability. As mentioned in the above, bolster pillow can be filled with a range of materials. The materials range from polyester, cotton, foam, synthetic blends, feathers, also latex, etc.! Hence, you can pick a bolster pillow that other than offering convenience, comfort and functionality, it also possesses guaranteed durability.


    Check out Getha 100% Natural Latex Bolsters! They definitely contain all the factors you should consider before purchasing them. Getha 100% Natural Latex Bolsters also come with the Tencel Nano Silver Bolster Case, for better hygiene, protection as well as comfort.  



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