A baby changing mat is just like a changing table. It is a mat on which you can place your baby or young child to have their nappy changed. Therefore, a changing mat is necessary, most infants will need an average of 6-9 diaper changes per day. After that, this also means that you absolutely need a baby changing mat because changing baby’s dirty diapers tends to be a daily routine of most parents, a lot of time will spend on the changing table and you do not always have an appropriate baby-changing spot. 


Moreover, the right changing mat will help you get the job done as quickly (and mess-free) as possible, also keep your baby safe and comfortable while doing so. Next, as mentioned in the above, a changing mat gives you convenience, wherever you and your baby are!   


Furthermore, there are so many options out there, how do you make sure that you are getting the right one?


Things To Consider When Choosing A Changing Mat


Materials. Your baby changing mat either needs to be wiped clean or should be able to be tossed in the washing machine. This is because after all, no one wants to hand-wash the changing mat!


Use. You will need to consider whether will you be taking it with you or are you using it just at home. Then, this will determine the size you need as well as if you need it to fold up.


Size. This will need to be considered as it can also be more practical to get a changing mat that can continue to fit your growing baby after their newborn stage. Apart from that, if you are thinking to use changing mat covers, size can be important as well since covers are mostly offered in only standard sizes. Then, changing mat cover is actually really recommended to be used as it is handy for easy as well as machine-washable clean.    


Comfort. Extra padding, especially for their head. This will be a good bonus and supportive, keeping their body comfortable as well as safe. On the other hand, you can also choose a contoured changing mat, especially for the newborn phase. This is to be said as it can prevent the quick twisting and turning movements of your baby. Next, a contoured changing mat also can lead to extra comfy and feeling more secure for the baby.            


Stability. A good non-skid bottom is essential to keep the changing mat from moving around on whichever surface it is on.


Safety Standards. Any changing mat that you are considering, make sure that it is really safe regardless of its stability, materials, warning labels, instructions, etc.   


Water Resistance. A surface that is able to repel liquids and wipes clean is another important thing to consider. Easy-to-clean products will save you lots of time and energy. A highly water-resistant mat will help to keep liquids from finding their way into the changing mat and can be easier to wipe off.


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