Choosing a baby cot can be daunting for new parents, especially when it’s one of the biggest investments before welcoming your newborn. A cot can be used for up to a few years, so consider your purchase wisely!  Here are a few aspects you should consider when choosing the best baby cot for your little one.


Baby Cot Safety

Safety should be a top priority when choosing a baby cot. Your baby will be sleeping and you won’t be able to keep an eye at all times, therefore it is even more important to choose a cot that will be sturdy and secure for your baby. Make sure that there are no cracked or broken slats, with no jagged points or edges.  Also, look for safety lock mechanisms for the side and wheels of the cot, which will help to secure the cot. Ensure that the side of your cot rail is high enough so that your child cannot climb out.



How long would you like to use your baby cot? Choosing a cot with multiple heights and functions can be of better value as they can be used for a few years.  Choose cots with multiple adjustable base heights that will be suitable for your child as they grow. If you’re choosing a cot with drop rails, choose a design that allows for the one-handed operation.  That way, you can keep a secure hold of your sleeping baby while you drop the rail on his cot before lowering him into bed. Some cots can even be converted into day beds, sofas or study desks, so choose one that is suitable for your child’s needs!


Non-toxic material

When choosing your baby cot, it’s also important to look for cots that are made with non-toxic materials. Baby cots are constructed from wood, glues, and finishes (paint or stain and finish). Each of these materials can be made with synthetic fibers and other materials made of chemicals that have been found to be toxic to health, especially in children. Many commercial paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, cause breathing difficulties and even damage organs. When choosing a cot, make sure to look for these qualities: Solid hardwood construction, nontoxic and zero-VOC glues, and low-chemical and zero-VOC paint, stain, and/or finishes.


Why should you choose Getha?  

Getha’s Baby Cots are the perfect choices for your little one! Our cots are specially designed with safety and functionality in mind. They come with multiple optional height features, are highly durable, VOC-Free and comply with safety test standards. They are also convertible from a bed to a child’s sofa for your child’s daily needs!