One of the worst feelings is spending the whole night moving around and turning in bed all the time, desperately trying to fall asleep. If you are one of these people who frequently struggle to fall or stay asleep, here are some books that can provide you some help. Not only can the act of reading them help you fall asleep faster, you are actually also able to learn something useful in the process that improves your bedtime habits for life.   

The best books on sleep can make you understand more regarding your sleep patterns, how they affect your everyday life as making sure you are paying enough attention to them! So, the books in the following are the recommended and top-rated books on sleep.  

Best Books For Understanding Sleep

Why we sleep: unlocking the power of sleep and dreams by Matthew Walker. Sleep expert Matthew Walker delivers the purpose and power of slumber. Using decades of data and clinical practice, Walker explores how getting sleep can enrich almost every aspect of daily life, from the decision-making skills to immune system. Next, in his book he also explains how sleep aids affect us over the long run, what really happens during REM sleep and what kinds of foods and drinks affect sleep.

Change your schedule, change your life by Dr. Suhas Kshirsaga. Your circadian rhythm can affect your overall health! Circadian rhythm is the natural, internal process that repeats every 24 hours. It is the 24-hour cycles that are part of the body’s internal clocks running to carry out essential functions. It also helps you control your daily schedule for sleep and wakefulness. So, this book provides a 30-day plan to adjust your daily schedule for enhanced wellness.

Why we can’t sleep: women’s new midlife crisis by Ada Calhoun. Determined to find answers as to why she felt so unsatisfied with her life. Also why so many similarly aged women like her felt the same way, Calhoun started analyzing data and quickly found a pattern. In this book, she looks into the social and cultural generational issues distressing women as they enter middle age. Then, she offers practical advice on how to find support and move forward.

The little book of sleep: the art of natural sleep by Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan. Now you can achieve a deeper, natural sleep state with the unique illustrated guide from sleep expert Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan. This book also gives helpful tips along with yoga, Ayurveda (originated in India more than 3,000 years ago, the world’s oldest way to heal the body) and body-awareness techniques that can help you let go of the unhelpful thoughts before bed.  

The sleep solution: why your sleep is broken and how to fix it by W. Chris Winter. As a neurologist (specialist of nerves and nervous system) and sleep expert of over two decades, he believes that the best way to fix your sleep issues is to identify and understand them. He also shares research and time-tested techniques to help readers achieve healthy sleep and possesses ways to treat a multiple of conditions.

The sleep revolution: transforming your life, one night at a time by Ariana Huffington. In this book, the author explores society’s sleep deprivation crisis and the way in which it impacts our health, careers and overall happiness. This book also offers recommendations from leading scientists on how to control and make use of the incredible power of sleep.          

The book of sleep: 75 strategies to relieve insomnia by Dr. Nicole Moshfegh. This book outlines dozens of methods and strategies to help people who suffer from insomnia. It is also interesting when it can provide a daily log for users to track the quantity and quality of their sleep and identify any comprehensive sleep patterns.   

Dreamland: adventures in the strange science of sleep by David K. Randall. Journalist David K. Randall never thought much about sleep until he injured himself while sleepwalking one night. Then, he begins to investigate about sleep. This book explores what goes on during those dark hours of the night and why, proving that sleep isn’t as simple as it may seem.

Sleep soundly every night, feel fantastic every day by Dr. Robert Rosenberg, DO. This book wins the award for the best title because like who doesn’t want to rest well at night and feel great the next morning right? So, the author talks about sleeping and shares tips on how improving specific aspects of your health can improve your shut-eye.    

Say goodnight to insomnia by Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs. You will learn about a six-week program and after committing to it, you can finally say goodnight to insomnia once and for all. You can even achieve it without the use of any drugs. Lastly, this book also comes complete with an insomnia self-assessment that you can use as a tool to learn how to change your habits with the information presented later in the book.      

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