Getha Nano silver pillow

Nano-Silver contains antimicrobial properties that come from silver ions interacting with the DNA of pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi) to prevent their reproduction and limit their key enzymes. To put in simple word, Nano-Silver can kill pathogens. Furthermore, Nano-Silver has been found to kill a broad range of pathogens and is effective to protect against virus.     


Next, nanotechnology is a rapidly growing science of producing and utilizing nano-sized particles that measure in nanometers (1nm = 1 billionth of a meter). In addition, Silver has been used for the treatment of medical illnesses for over 100 years, due to its natural antibacterial as well as antifungal properties. Moreover, due to the nanotechnology, nano silver particles are able to increase their contact with bacteria or fungi, improving their effectiveness.        


As mentioned in the above, the Nano-Silver when in contact with bacteria and fungus will prevent or affect their cellular metabolism, respiration as well as inhibit the multiplication and cell growth which can eventually prevent infection, odor, itchiness as well as sores.    


And now, Nano-Silver can be applied to range of products include hygiene products like towels, pants, and also pillows!


Benefits Of Nano-Silver

  • High effectiveness
  • Fast acting
  • Nontoxic, non-poisonous
  • Non stimulating
  • Non allergic
  • Tolerance free (without adverse reaction)
  • Hydrophilic (able to mix, dissolve or be wetted by water)


Nano-Silver’s High Effectiveness. This is to be said as although Silver has superior antibacterial and antibiotic characteristics, there are limitations on the application in real life because of its darkening at high temperature. However, Nanotechnology can solve this problem.


Nanotechnology is able to process the silver material down to several nano meter range. With that, Nano-Silver will combine with the cell walls of pathogens then directly get into them, deactivate as well as suffocate them. In this case, nano silver can still carry out its highest efficacy before the Silver darkens, it controls the purify of the silver. On the other hand, Nano Silver will not expire.    


Fun Facts And Historical Use Of Silver

  • Ancient European nobilities normally used silver tableware to prevent food poisoning
  • Early westerners kept silver coins in water barrels and milk jugs to delay spoilage and contamination
  • In Australia, it is still common to place silverware in the water tanks to delay spoilage
  • In modern times, silver water purification filters and tablets can be used in homes, businesses and on airlines
  • Silver and copper ions are also used to sanitize swimming pool water, replacing chlorine
  • Silver is even used by U.S. National Aeronautical and Space Administrative (NASA) and the Russians to purify water in both countries’ space shuttles
  • Now, there are over 50 silver-based medicines in the market!


Genetics Latex Pillow: New Focus On Nano-Silver 

Getha Genetics Latex Pillowthe 100% Natural Latex Pillow that also contains Nano-Silver. Getha Genetics Latex Pillow has Nano-Silver Protection, also wrapped with Nano-Silver fabric. It increases the protection, able to fight bacteria and provide you the clean as well as comfortable sleep environment!

Getha Genetics Latex Pillow can always protect you and your loved ones against germs, bacteria and fungi, possessing all the benefits and effectiveness just as mentioned in the above. Apart from that, check out Getha Genetics Latex Pillow that also comes with Anti-Static Protection, made of Getha’s finest 100% Natural Latex, etc.! It is also a cooling as well as comfortable pillow.

Besides that, check out other Getha 100% Natural Latex Pillows, they are all really comfy pillows.

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